The total line needs 14 kW electricity. Has a production capacity of 400 kg. buckshot per hour. Is possible to produce buckshot starting from 4,00mm. to 9,00mm.

1-BUCKSHOT MACHINE: The machine is fed with leadwire and the buckshot is got by swaging method. Final step removes the remaning lead parts and the pure buckshot is produced. The produced buckshot is sent to system to get the sphere shape.

2-CALIBRATION: Here all buckshots are getting the final shepere shape. Also the buckshots are getting the right calibration. There are two special hard layer and the buckshot moves between these layers. By these way all non-spheric forms will be removed. 

3- : DRUM CLEANING With a special drum all non-wanted lead parts on the buckshot are removed. There are two pieces of drums used. 

4-GRAPHITE COATING DRUM: Buckshot is coated with graphite within a drum. This coating protects the buckshot from dust and gives a shiny effect

5-MIRROR: All non spheric buckshots are removed by using a tilt mirror.





LEADSHOT PRODUCTION LINE The machine needds 57 kW electricity. Also 6 bar pressure air is needed. Has a capacity to produce 350 kg. leadshot per hour in average. Produces leadshot starting from 1,90mm. to 3,75mm.

1-MELTING POT: Melting pot is equiped with a mixer and a special pump. The capacity is 3 ton and suaitable for continues feeding. The melting pot can be used by electricity or gas depending on customer’s preferance

2-CASTING TANK: The melted lead is fed ito the molding system. The mold has a 5 layer structure. With a special molding heat, layer selection, water heat and plate angle the system produces the needed leadshot size. Every parameter is controlled by sensors. 

3- ELEVATOR: An elavator takes the casted leadshot into the drying drum. 

4-DRYER: The wet leadshot getting dried in a speacial dryer drum. Exit side of the dryer a very first non-shperic leadshot elimination system is placed. 

5- MIRROR: 10 layer mirror eliminates all non spheric leadshot. The sensitivity of the eliminaton is also adjustable. 

6- GRAPHITE COATING: The eliminated leadshots g oto graphite coating drum. It protects the leadshot and gives a shiny effect. 

7- CALIBRATION: With a special drum with different diameter wholes on it the graphite coated leadshots are calibrated and selected. Now we have different size of leadshots grouped.

8- UNLOADING SECTION: All selected and calibrated leadshots are stocked in special cases. Here if the quality approved by the operator it is fed into delivery cars.


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